“The Marketing Lounge vision is simple! To create a marketing consultancy service that places the entrepreneur at the centre of its services helping to rejuvenate the passion with which they started their journey. We want to remove them from the hectic daily struggle in order to re-visit the original visions for their business and make them a reality.”

The Marketing Lounge was established to give business owners a space where they can take stock of their business and plan for the future in a calm environment away from phones, email, and customers…just for a little while. Sounds lovely doesn’t it?

Running a business is not a simple task and as a business owner it’s important to pause and reflect on what you have achieved, and what your next set of goals are. Too many companies don’t take this time which in turn leads to a marketing strategy that is either poorly executed or non-existent.

The Marketing Lounge is owned and run by myself, Christina Clarkin, a qualified marketing professional with a wealth of experience in the Graphic Arts, IT and Education industries working alongside various international partners such as Apple and Microsoft.

I have been very fortunate in my career to date. Working in one of Ireland’s leading IT companies provided me with the opportunity to work on a myriad of projects including re-branding, developing strategies for start-ups, and arranging small and large scale events nationwide.

I grew up alongside a family print business that has equipped me with invaluable experience not just in marketing but also in execution and has given me a keen insight into the challenges of running a company in the SME sector. I have witnessed the trials and tribulations that a SME must face in reality, not just in a text book.

Like many of you, I strive to push limits and I feel personal achievement when a company succeeds. I am inspired by my fellow business owners who have taken the risk to run with their dreams and my vision is to be the difference that helps other entrepreneurs succeed.

Many business owners are so caught up in the day to day running of the business that they lose sight of their original business goals. My aim is to change this. I want to help business owners get their creative juices flowing and revive their enthusiasm and aspirations through a successful marketing strategy.

Christina Clarkin

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